Corporate Health and Well-Being

TheShapeMaker Corporate Health and Well-Being packages are an ideal choice if you have the desire for a healthy, happy and effective workforce.

Boot Camps, Yoga and Massage are all facets of the Corporate Health and Well-Being Packages that can be utilised by your company.

Industry leading coaches provide bespoke training programmes for your employees depending on your specific needs and requirements.

Class sizes can be catered for from 5 participants up to as many as your space can allow.

Providing fitness and well-being packages to your workplace has been shown to improve:

  • Efficiency in Work
  • Workplace Satisfaction
  • Self Worth
  • Perception of Value to the Company
  • General Happiness
  • Improved Health and Well-Being

The benefits are huge and can be attained for minimal investment. Positive effects are displayed from as little as one session per week with regards to the Boot Camp and Yoga options and one, short, under 30 minute massage sessions with the benefits becoming more evident and prominent the more regularly they are performed.

TheShapeMaker Corporate Health and Well-Being packages are provided within your facility to minimise the exertion and effort required by your employees to attend the sessions.

To enquire further and to reap the benefits for your company and your employees, contact us today