TheShapeMaker was designed and created in response to the overwhelming number of pseudo experts eroding peoples enthusiasm, motivation and good will by failing to deliver quality health and fitness advice, tuition and guidance.

TheShapeMaker is headed up by Harry Jenkins (BSc). Harry gained his degree in sport and exercise science from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and is also Precision Nutrition accredited.

Alongside this, Harry is a competitive and champion Amateur Boxer and has represented his region for Rugby in New Zealand.

Harry has also undergone a drastic physical transformation himself going from 120kg (264lbs) down to 80kg (176lbs) resulting in a weight loss of 40 kg (88lbs). This has enabled Harry to understand the trials and tribulations most will encounter during physical transformations and as a result create empathetic programmes and procedures to ensure you can achieve similar life altering and life fulfilling results.

TheShapeMaker team has been involved with a wide range of clientèle including, not not limited to:

  • Olympic Athletes
  • International Sports Professionals – ranging from Rugby Players to Ballerinas
  • People with Disabilities – e.g. Cerebral Palsy, Paraplegia, Autism, Hemiplegia and Blindness
  • Ante Natal and Post Natal Women
  • Elderly
  • General Population


TheShapeMaker team are not social media ‘influencers’ or other faux experts you may have previously encountered, the team work in the real world and manage real issues meaning that our programmes work for everyone, not just those who have unlimited time and freedom!